The main difference between Codeigniter and Laravel PHP framework

Both Laravel and CodeIgniter are popular PHP frameworks. Hey developer I want to share the main basic difference between Laravel and Codeigniter PHP frameworks. Laravel and Codeigniter are the most influential PHP frameworks. Let’s Devin to the points


Codeigniter is a PHP framework that is very easy to learn. Codeigniter is the most documented PHP framework for developers.

Codeigniter has a very clear syntax than other PHP frameworks. Codeigniter was invented and launched on february 28, 2006 by EllisLab technology in bristish.

The main best features of Codeigniter

  1. easy to understand, which means that the learning curve of Codeigniter is shorter than other PHP frameworks.
  2. Easy to write code and develop the projectCodeigniter easy to write code and develop the project
  3. Codeigniter is object oriented PHP framework.
  4. Codeigniter has no vendor libraries
  5. Codeigniter has no built-in library that makes complex our system.
  6. Codeigniter application has very high speed and high performance.
  7. integrated ORM with doctrine data mapper GAS
  8. It follows MVC patterns
  9. Codeigniter follows both explicit and implicit routing methods.
  10. Codeigniter has no authentication bundles.

Codeigniter has main features

  1. lightweight
  2. follow (MVC) model view controller pattern
  3. use easy to migrate database mapper
  4. faster learning and it takes a short time to learn
  5. codeigniter has faster loading


Laravel is an elegant PHP framework that used to develop large projects. Laravel has many built-in library when compared to other PHP frameworks.

Laravel has built in template that manage front-end developments. that template is called blade template.

Laravel contain many vendor file to start projects, the learning curve of laravel PHP framework very long than other

laravel has mvc architecture pattern to design system in simple ways.

laravel have different built in library to simplify the work for developers.

laravel follow only implicty routing concepts.

laravel user ORM Eloquent data mapper to map database.

The above image show laravel mvc architecture pattern to manage system in simple ways.

User send the command or form to the controller and controller process that data , send data to model and perform required logics on back-end and send out put to the users.

Laravel have many facities to manage websites than codeigniter.

The main features of Laravels

  1. follow mvc architecture
  2. Template engine based.
  3. Eluguont object relational database mapping.
  4. Easy database migration concepts
  5. Use artisan command line, used to manage functionality of the system.

key difference of laravel and codeigniters as show below by tabular form

1Database conceptMysql,postgress, SQL, and
many other database.
MySQL,postressqql, SQL
and other database
2template enginehas no template enginehas template engine with
blade template
3pattern they followmvc pattern followsmvc architecture follow
4learn curvevery easy to learn and
become professionals
difficult to learn and
very hard to be professionals
5Manual documentvery cleary and nety
some complex documentation.
6stack overflow supporthigh stackover flow support from all PHP frameworkshas less StackOverflow supports.
7REST APIhas no any facity to perform rest apihas very large rest API facity, with API routing
8database modelingobject orientedrelational object oriented
9unit testhas no unit test toolshas clear unit test
10built in libraryhas no any built in library, but they have third party conceptsthey have many built in library in decades library, like authentication,validations and others.
11Avrage salaryAnnual salary $154,302Annual salary $81K
12programming paradigmsObject oriented event drevien functioncomponent oriented.
13support front end technology has no any facility to support front end technologyhas very large support front end technology like reactjs, angularjs and others

the above table show some basic difference of laravel and codeigniter PHP frameworks.


As we have seen above detail description of the two most popular PHP frameworks, beginners of the developers may start codeigniter pass to laravel is the most prefer.

Codeigniter has no any complexity when compared to laravels.

As my experience on PHP framework user, I recommend codeigniter for beginners. after you complete codeigniter you can pass it to laravel in simple and easy ways.

If you know details codeigniter knowing laravel is very easy.

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