Online Book Store By PHP CodeIgniter

welcome to BBN11!! Educational ports. In this article, I want to share the free source code of online bookstores and sales developed by PHP codeigniter projects.

What does the system include?

The system includes the following Modules

  1. Admin module
  2. Customer Module
  3. Vendors Module

1. Admin Modules

Admin Module contains the following functions

  1. Authors
    • Add
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Search
  2. Category
    • Add
    • Edit
    • Delete
    • Search
    • Update
  3. Manage Profiles
    • Manage user Profile
    • Manage own profile
  4. Admin approves
    • Approve Vendors
    • View detailed information on vendors
    • and Approved them
  5. Logout
    • admin can log out from the system and act as users

2. Customer Module

The customer has the following function on online bookstore (obs) systems

  1. Register by itself
  2. Read Book
  3. Download book
  4. Search Book
  5. Make a payment of his orders
  6. Follow up on his orders

3. Vendors Module

Vendor modules a modules that control the seller’s information and billing methods of the system.

Vendors have the following functionality in the obs system.

  1. Vendors can register themselves
  2. Wait for Admin approvement
  3. Flow up the request process

Vendors mean in short-term sellers of the products. The seller has different functions upload the books, PDF files, cover images for the books, and search tag files.

Sellers also provide billing information of the seller books, printing the billing, downloading the billing, and viewing details of their profits.

the above image show the client interface when view details of the books and filter what they want.

Detail Description of Admin Module one by one

Admin can add Authors

The above image shows when the admin registered authors.

The author can get a username and password from the system admin and perform actions. The actions of authors are to create books, upload pdf files, and manage their profiles


To install and use the above system follow the following steps

  1. Install Xampp (Local server)
  2. Start your xampp server and start Apache and MySQL
  3. Download the OBS System by Clicking the button below and downloading it
  4. Extract file
  5. Copy the extracted folder to localhost/htdocs/ obs past on it.
  6. run the project and open your web browser(Google Chrome latest [Recommended], Microsoft edge, Firefox, and other latest updated web browsers)
  7. Run localhsot/obs and hit enter
  8. After that you can get below interfaces
  9. For pro feature please contact me on borufan tube telegram channels

To Download click the link or Button bellows

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