Monster Free Admin Template

Hey developers! in these post I want to share admin template that is very easy to integrate and high speed for our systems.

What is an admin template or an admin dashboard?

Download it here…

Admin template means the collect of HTML, CSS, JS, and image files into one folder. Admin template used as the framework of our front-end developments.

All admin templates are the best as we require.

Some list of the admin templates are

  1. Adminlte
  2. monster-admin-lite
  3. gentalla admin
  4. star admin
  5. Nuraadmin and many other

Let’s discuss more about monster-admin-lite admin

Monster-admin-lite is as the name indicates very light and high speed for our projects.

Some features of monster-admin-lite template are as follow

  1. dashboard
  2. profile
  3. tables
  4. different icons
  5. google maps
  6. Blank pages
  7. Login and logouts and others

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