Laravel Crash Course Start to End step by step Guide

Hello developer! IN these tutorials I want to share some basic concepts of the Laravel PHP framework from scratch to advanced concept part one.

Laravel is a PHP framework that is used to develop web-based systems. Laravel contains different packages officially.

Basic requirement to download and install Laravel setups?

To install Laravel on your machine or computer you must have the following

Local server, MySQL, PHP, and Composer must be required.

The above are the main basic requirements of the Laravel installations.

How to download larave ?

to download laravel these simple command

composer create-project laravel/laravel erms

after downloading change your directory to your project folder by using cd

cd erms

After changing the direct run your fresh laravel project by typing

PHP artisan serve

What is Artisan?

Artisan is a laravel command line interface management system.

In the Laravel PHP framework artisan is the most important and helpful command. without knowing artisan we can not do anything in Laravel.

To get more command and use of laravel follow the following command

PHP artisan hit enter and you get more list of artisan commands.

some of artisan commands are

the above image shows some basic Laravel artisan commands

To run Laravel project type

php artisan serve 

How to create routes in Laravel ?

to create Laravel routes select routes and choose web.php and add the route you want to configure.

Syntax for routes


return "some thing here";


What is a Controller and How to Create a Controller?

Controller is an intermediate of views and models. Without controller, we can not perform any function based on Laravel. Controller is the collection of methods that handle different HTTP request from routes.

How to create a Controller?

to create controller we simple type the following command

PHP artisan make:controller ControllerName

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