Cashbook Management System

Oromia Finance Bureau is a government organization that manages the flow of finance in the region. Oromia Finance Bureau has different systems to function their work to speed up and improve their quality of work.

The Cashbook Management system is also one of the systems the Oromia finance bureau used to manage the cash flow of the regions.

In these post, we cover the following

  1. Introduction to cashbook management system
  2. Basic Requirement of the System
  3. The technology of the system developed
  4. Main Actors of Cashbooks
  5. Modules of Cashbook management system
    • Dashboard
    • Cashbook
      • Cashbook Registration
      • Cashbook Report
      • Revenue/Fudhee Report
      • Detail Report
    • Hemo 42
      • Hemo 42 Management
      • Hemo 42 Report
    • Model 6 Registration/ Suspense Registration
      • Model 6 Registration
      • Model 6 Registration
    • Closing Box
      • Registering Notes for Closing Box
      • summary view of the closing box
  6. Uses of Cashbook

Introduction to Cashbook Management System

The cashbook management system is a system that is used to manage the flow of cash in the Oromia finance bureau. The cashbook is mainly used for registering cash and managing the registered cash as they want.

Basic Requirement

The basic requirement of the cashbook management system was organized by the Oromia Finance Bureau(OFB) and the existing manual system was designed by Oromia Finance Bureau. The basic requirement contains the flow of the system, manual design of the system, manual function of the system, and others

Technology We Used to Develop System

To develop Oromia cashbook management system latest and most powerful technology in development technology and more work on security, performance of the system, and functional and nonfunctional of the system.

For development, we use PHP for back-end development with MySQL database and Bootstrap for front-end and form control we use Java script technology.

Main Actor of the System

The main actor of the system Oromia Finance Bureau of cashiers from the top level to the low level of OFB structures. The system scope from Region to Woreda( aanaa) level structures. The system covers all Oromia Regional finance Structures, all City level structures, all Zone level structures, and all woreda-level structures.

Each Office has its own system admin. If Oromia has 335 Woreda we have 335 admins.

The above image is a dashboard of every cashier and the user manual of the system.

How to Use Cashbook

To use a cashbook management system we must follow the steps

There are three main actors

  1. Admin Level
  2. Cashier
  3. Accountant

Admin Level at regional

Admin has the following function in the cashbook management system.

  1. Manage Dashboard
  2. User Management
    • Add office admin
    • Add cit admin
    • add zone admin
  3. Structure setups
    • Office setting
    • City
    • Zone Setting
  4. Setting
    • Add Bank Account for OFB
  5. Report
    • Generate Report for All level organizations
    • Generate Report
      • Cashbook Report
      • Model 42
      • Closing
      • Model 6 Report

Zone Admin Level

Zone admin level can control the structure of zones from zone to admin woreda.

Zone admin has the following functions

  1. Dashboard
  2. User Management
    • Create Woreda Admin
    • Create Zone Casher
    • Create Zone Accountant
  3. Structure
    • Create Woreda
  4. Setting
    • Create a Bank account for the zone
  5. Report

Woreda Admin Level

Woreda Admin has the following functions

  1. User Management
    • Create Woreda Casher
    • Create Woreda Accountant
  2. Setting
    • Create Bank Account for Woreda
  3. Report
    • Generate Report

City Admin Level

The City Admin level has the following functionality

  1. Dashboard
  2. User Management
    • Create Sub City Admin
    • Create City Casher
    • Create a City Bank Accountant
  3. Structure
    • Create Subcity
  4. Setting
    • Create a Bank account for the City
  5. Report

Cashier For Level Structure

Casher in all level have the same functionalities. Casher that role in regional works similar as to the casher work on the woreda levels.

Casher have the main functions on Cashbook management system. Cashbook management system is also helps the work of cashiers.

Casher has the following functionality

  1. Dashboard
  2. Profile
  3. Cashbook
    • Cashbook Registration
    • Cashbook Report
    • Revenue / Fudhee Report
    • Detail View Report
  4. Hemo 42/ Model 42
    • Model 42 Management
    • Model 42 Report
  5. Closing
    • Closing Registration Note
    • Closing List
  6. Model 6
    • Model 6 Registration
    • Report Model 6
  7. Performance Report

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