How to install the Laravel Breeze package

Laravel is a PHP framework that is used to develop very large and complex projects in simple ways. Laravel contains multiple packages to improve security, performance, flexibility, responsive,ness and attractiveness to users.

Laravel has different official packages

  1. breeze
  2. Striped
  3. dusk
  4. invo
  5. folio
  6. homestead
  7. jetstream
  8. sail and others

In these post we cover more about Laravel breeze installation and some basic configurations.

What is Laravel Breeze?

Breeze is a Laravel packages that used to authorize and authenticate users. By using Laravel we can get

  1. login
  2. Logout
  3. register
  4. reset password
  5. forget password
  6. send an email to the user
  7. email verification for user authentication
  8. and others

how to install Breeze in Laravel?

Installing Laravel Breeze is easy as installing other packages of Laravels. Laravel has its own clear and net documentation for Breeze installations.

To install breeze in laravel follow the following steps

You must have installed fresh Laravel on your computers

After having or installing Laravels on your machine type the following command and install breeze step by step guide.

Step 1: Open the terminal on your project and run the command

composer require laravel/breeze

Step 2: Install breeze. to install breeze follow the following commands


breeze:install and put the command to server that request command prompt.

type blade and hit enter

Step 3: finaly run you project by type

Connect your project to database and migrate your migration of laravel/breeze migration documents.

php artisan migrate
php artisan serve


To install breeze laravel packages follow these

Install freesh laravel project by

composer create-project laravel/larave larabreeze

cd larabreeze

composer require laravel/breeze

php artisan breeze:install

php artisan migrate

php artisan serve

Thank you for reading stay tune for more informations.

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