How to develope Health Expense Management System

Hey Developers! I want to share a very interesting project that controls health expense management systems. In health sectors there you can use this system simply by downloading configuring and using it.

The system has the following functions

  • Budget Management
    • Add Budget
    • Manage Budget
  • Income recording
    • Add Budget
    • Manage Budget
  • Event management
    • Add Event
    • Manage Event
  • Calendar Management
    • Add Event
    • Manage Event
  • Expense Management
    • Add Expense
    • Manage Expense
  • Report
    • Daily Wise Report
    • Monthly Report
    • Yearly

Specific Objective

  • To gather the required information.
  • To Analyze the gathered information.
  • To Design the proposed system using a UML diagram.
  • To keep track of daily expenses and budgeting.
  • To save money for pre-defined expenses .
  • To Design a database.
  • To Design and implement.
  • To Test  the proposed system

 Significance of the project

  • Create a category and record all expenses and income under the category.
  • Enable the notification system Users get notifications daily at a specific time that help the user insert expenses and income.
  • Backup and Restore all information.
  • Reports are generated in PDF format in category or period.
  • Cost efficiency.
  • Visibility into spend.
  • Manage risk & fraud.
  • Ensure compliance.
  • Maintain flexible & scalable processes.
  • Reinforce company policies to manage behavior.
  • Identify and eliminate wasteful spending habits in your financial life.
  • Users can easily review the reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.
  • Users can update or delete records.
  • Users can get notifications daily.
  • Create Category and Change currency.
  • User can also change Notification time and modify some features.
  • Add Expense and Income

Functional Requirements

1. Dashboard panel

The system shall authenticate the user and then display panel based on the particular identified user.

2. Add bill

The system shall allow the user to add bill details based on the user’s need to track the type of expenses.

3. Expense planner

The system should graphically represent the current month figure based on user’s current month expenses and user’s own budget share.

4. Expense tracker

The system should graphically represent the yearly expense numbers in form of report

5. Add notes

The system shall allow users to add notes to their expenses.

6. Calendar

The system shall allow users to add the date to their expenses

7. Category

The system shall allow users to add categories of their expenses

Download project from these link

Use the following account for test

username: admin
password: 1122

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