How to be a Web Developer

To become a web developer we must know the basic concept of web development technologies.

Web development is the process of developing a web web-based system, testing, maintaining, and deploying a web web-based system.

A web developer is a person who develops web systems and related things.

Road Map to be Developer

To become a web developer we must do the following things.

  1. What is the Internet and how is it used
  2. Understand HTML?
  3. Understand CSS
  4. Learn About JavaScript
  5. Learn About Database
  6. Learn PHP
  7. Understand Front End and Back End technology
  8. Learn About the PHP Framework
  9. Understand the most basic concepts of the PHP framework.
  10. Master about version control GIT (gitlab and github)

What is the Internet?

Welcome Developer! Before starting anything today I want to share some concepts of the Internet.

The Internet is an electronic communication in which computers exchange information through networks worldwide. The concept of the Internet is very complex things. By using the Internet we can get information from all over the world. By using the Internet we can make money and we can get knowledge.

Telecommunication is also a type of internet.

Web developers must know about the internet and networking when developing systems.

 After developing the system what type of network does our system require, a local area network or a public network?

The above image shows how computers communicate with each other by using the internet.

Understanding about HTML

The basic and most important for the beginner of web developers must know about basic HTML and advanced HTML concepts.

HTML is not a programming language it is a markup language.  HTML was introduced in 1980 by Tim Berners-Lee. HTML has had different versions till now.

HTML is abbreviated from Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML has its own syntax and semantic rules. HTML does not depend on case sensitive.HTML has different elements, attribute

What is HTML Elements

Html elements are defined by starting tags, some of the contents, and end tags.

HTML Elements are many. Some of the themes are

  1. Heading tags
  2. Paragraph tags
  3. Anchor tags
  4. Table tabs
  5. Div tags
  6. Body tags
  7. Head tags
  8. Image
  9. Media tags
  10. Form
  11. Input
  12. Select
  13. Span tags
  14. Br
  15. Hr

HTML Element have two types.

  1. Inline tags
    • <span>
    • <image>,
    • <nav>
    • <a href=””></a>
    • <ul>
    • <li>
    • <dt>
    • <dl>and others
  2. Break line tags
    • <div>
    • <br>
    • <table>
    • <p>

We can also use bootstrap technology instead of hard CSS files.

To understand HTML fundamentally

We must master the HTML concept after passing to the next steps.

To master HTML concepts we can watch these videos on YouTube

understand the basic concept of HTML

Understand CSS

After mastering HTML we must know CSS basic and advanced concepts.

CSS is styling the user interface. It is not a programming language it is the styling of the interface. A system without CSS is building without paint colors.

CSS means Cascading Style Sheet. It is the styling of the system. CSS is the presentation of the web pages.

CSS has its own rules. In the CSS case sensitivity is not applicable.

CSS is defined by its own syntax and semantics.

CSS can be defined on HTML elements and attributes.

To Create a CSS file we must follow the following steps.

step 1: create a file with an extension of .css files.

eg. style.css files.

    background-color: red;
    padding: 0;

The above code shows the structure of CSS. * represent universal selectors, that are applicable on all pages that include style.css files.

body: the HTML tags that contain all the web pages.

background-color: type of style that is used, red value of the style.

As the above selector results the background color of our web page is red.

For back-end development css is the basic course and fundamental.

Learn About JavaScript

Javascript is the leading programming language on software development technology today’s. In these tutorials, we cover some basic concepts of JavaScript and the advantages of JavaScript.

JavaScript can act as front-end development and back-end development.

JavaScript is a programming language that adds your web pages. Javascript is a cross-platform application.

With JavaScript, we can manage many features of our web pages like password size detection, regular expressions, check box control, modal pop-ups, and other features.

Ajax is also the type of JavaScript we always use without page refresh.

How to create JavaScript files

To create a javascript file we must create an extension with .js files. All file with the extension file is called javascript files.

alert("I am an alert box!");
if (confirm("Press a Me !")) {
    txt = "You pressed Me!";
  } else {
    txt = "You pressed Dismmed!";

The above code has two types of functions.

  1. An alert function that used to show popup alert for some information
  2. Check if the button is pressed or not pressed.

How to create by using javascript how to create a student grade check, based on score points if the result 90 and Above A, 85 and above A-, 70 and above B, and so on

let grade = 90;
  if (grade >= 90) {
  } else if (grade >= 85) {
  } else if(grade >= 70) {
        window.alert('Enter Correct Mark');

the above code shows how to create a simple application by using JavaScript files.

Learn About Database

Database is the building block of elements in web development technologies. A system without a database is not the system. A database is an electronic data storage device. There are different types of databases. Most commonly databases can be categorized into two parts

SQL and NoSQL database

SQL databases are databases that have a relationship with each other. Those databases are interconnected with each other by using foreign keys to other tables.

Examples of SQL databases are

SQL Lite, Mysql, Postgres SQL,

NoSQL databases are databases that have no relation to each other. There is no relation with others. In the NoSQL database data is stored in the form of JSON, not in the form of a table.

In NoSQL, there is no table but it is considered a document. One document contains full information on the attributes.

Examples of NoSQL databases are

MongoDB, Cassandra, and other databases.


To develop we must know the above concept and others in the next post.

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