Best Admin Templates

Different admin templates are used to speed up our development lifetimes. Most of them are free to use.

In these tutorials, we cover free admin templates.

Some List of the free admin templates are

  1. AdminLte Free
  2. Start Admin Template
  3. Nura Admin Template
  4. Bootsratp Admint Templates
  5. Light admin Template
  6. Single View Admin Templates
  7. Nice Admin Templates
  8. All-in-one Admin Templates
  9. Knock Admin Tempaltes
  10. HRM Helper Admin Temepate
  11. Desktop App Templates

From the above list, we cover Nura Admin Templates

What is Nura| Pike Admin Template

Pike Admin Template has the best feature for developers.

Easy to use and customize to your project features. We can directly copy html and Bootstrap code to our project and use it.

Pike Admin Features

Pike Admin has different features

  1. Dashboard
  2. Form
  3. Table
  4. Alert with Smart View
  5. Login and Pages
  6. User Interface
  7. Menu Level
  8. Plugins
  9. Chart


Contains nice eye-catching cards in the dashboard they used

We can easily copy and paste HTML and CSS code to our project and change static numbers to dynamic numbers of our projects.


The second best feature of Pike admin is form. they use very light and easy-to-use HTML and CSS resources. Pike admin has the best performance when compared to other admin templates.

They have wizard form submission with validation of the form by using JavaScript.

A table in Pike Admin

The table is an HTML attribute that is used to present our data in the form of rows and columns.

The table contains its own structures,

All tables in HTML have the following structure

  1. Header
  2. Body
  3. Footer

Header table the title of the table

The body table contains the data printed in rows and columns.

The footer table is the bottom title of the table.

In Pike Admin table was designed by Bootstrap and is lightweight to access. The use of a header in Pike admin is attractive for system users.

To use Pike admin template follow the following steps

  1. Download Pike Admin
  2. Extract
  3. Copy the Asset folder to your project
  4. configure it
  5. Use it.

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